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SERVICES: Psychic Readings, Tarot Card Readings, Oracle Card Readings, Aura Photos, Mediumship, Pendulum Readings, I-Ching, & Intuitive Healings.



Aura Photos 

  • Basic Package: $45
  • Full Package: $65
  • Package Deal (Basic Package + 20 Minute Session): $105
Psychic Readings, Tarot Readings, Oracle Readings, Mediumship, Pendulum Readings, & I-Ching
  • 20 Minutes: $60
  • 30 Minutes: $95
  • 45 Minutes: $140
  • 1 Hour: $175
If you’ve been led here, I encourage you to trust your intuition and guidance system about working together. For too many years, I had a hard time trusting mine. I didn’t grow up in a spiritual household, so I had no framework for my gifts. My spiritual awakening led me from my old life in public and nonprofit sector leadership to my new life here in Sedona. Perhaps your own spiritual awakening is what has led you to Sedona, and my page?
The most important part of every reading is YOU. When we meet, I will connect with you energetically and we will interpret the messages we receive from spirit together. Our session will help you trust your own intuition, lean into your own gifts and abilities, and move through stagnant energies and old stories. 
As we connect, I will bring through messages from angels, guides, ancestors, star beings, elementals, and other spirits or multidimensional beings, and your inner child, shadow self, intuition, body, and/or emotional body. Using a mix of Tarot cards, Oracle cards, I-Ching cards, automatic writing, mediumship, and/or channeled messages, spirit works through me to provide you with specific guidance or areas to focus on.   
If you feel called, come visit. Until then, remember to follow your heart. Even when – especially when – it doesn’t make sense to your head