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SERVICES: Psychic Readings, Integrated Energy Healing (Hands On), Medical Seer, Hypnosis, Quantum Healing, Mediumship, and Aura Photography.



Aura Photos 

  • Basic Package: $45
  • Full Package: $65
  • Package Deal (Basic Package + 20 Minute Session): $105

Psychic Readings, Integrated Energy Therapy, Medical Seer, Hypnosis, & Mediumship

  • 20 Minutes: $60
  • 30 Minutes: $95
  • 45 Minutes: $140
  • 1 Hour: $175


Health is the foremost important factor in my practice. Using my psychic ability and intuition to receive information from the spiritual world, I tune in on all different issues that may prevent the flow of universal energy through the body, mind and soul. This helps to restore the balance within and for the healing force to take place on a broader scale, even beyond our sessions. 

My practice is to be fully present and aligned to support your health, healing and growth. I´m not a fortuneteller nor do I predict people´s future. 

I do not like to waste my time or other's time and are therefore known to go straight to the core of an issue. 

There is no fixed process in my sessions. Whatever it takes!

You will be met where you are at. There is no judging. Our work together is all about supporting you in being you to the fullest degree. Rooting yourself within and discovering what may be in the way of doing so. 

Through the process we will connect with the deepest levels of our consciousness and work accordingly. 

It´s about building self-awareness and proximity. 

Accepting and letting go. 

I´m sensitive to the reality that some may have deep wounding or trauma. I modulate the intensity depending on the individual and help people to ground.