Emanuel Snyder

Emanuel Snyder | Psychic Readings, Tarot Readings, Oracle Readings, Reiki & Energy Healing, Aura Photos, & Mediumship

  • SERVICES: Tarot Card Readings, Oracle Card Readings, Psychic Readings, Reiki & Energy Healing, Intuitive Bodywork, & Aura Photography.
  • ABILITIES: Psychic, Empath, Intuitive, Channeling, & Mediumship.
  • TOPICS: Past Life Trauma, Childhood Trauma, Cutting Cords with Relationships, Helping People Manifest, Guidance, Seeing New Opportunities. 
  • TOOLS: Tarot, Oracle, Reiki, Drumming & Sound Healing.
  • EXPERIENCE: 12+ Years



Reiki & Energy Healing in Sedona, Arizona | Reiki Master, Reiki Classes, Reiki Shares, & Reiki Healings.

Emanuel is a well established Spiritual Healer, Teacher, & Facilitator. He has 12 years of practitioner experience with Reiki & Psychic Readings. In the spring time of 2018, he completed his Reiki Master/Teacher Certification and has taught many Reiki Certification classes for levels 1, 2 & Master/Teacher Students. He has participated in several Purification Ceremonies (Sweat Lodges) and has facilitated Drum Circles and Ceremonies for land healing & Spirit Guide communication. In a Reiki Session, Clients lie on their back with knee support on the massage table. There is a crystal grid underneath and Himalayan salt lamps. Soothing music is playing. To begin, I turn on my hands & clear the energy. Then I say an Invocation inviting in our Spirit Guides & Angels. I ask if you would like to verbalize any healing intentions or goals for the future. We take 3 deep breaths & then we begin. I turn the music up and lightly scan over your body. Then apply light touch on several positions on your body, starting with legs & up to the head. You'll deeply relax and your body will release what it needs to. I get Psychic messages during and we share our experiences at the end.